Mars in aspect to Uranus synastry   Leave a comment

Mars the God of sex and War meets lusty wild child Uranus who can be just as lusty as he is.  Uranus has a large lusty nature but he needs his freedom and space, try to pin Uranus down and he will be off.

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Mars conjunct, square or opposite Uranus can have two varying dynamics.  The first is Uranus may cope better with an aspect to Mars because it is primarily a physical rather than emotional connection and Uranus has fewer difficulties with physical expression where emotional expression might encourage Uranus run away impulse, Mars might activate its wild unconventional side in which case sex will never be boring or predictable in this relationship.  The second scenario is that Uranus is primarily an intellectual planet interested in ideas whereas Mars is instinctual, Mars may become frustrated with Uranus lack of instinctual sexual response and passion whilst Uranus may become frustrated by Mars lack of original and creative thought. Usually the relationship swings between the two but there is a strong sexual attraction at play.

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Mars sextile or trine Uranus is less sexually dynamic but more compatible with long-term relationships.  There is still a lot of sexual creativity involved within the relationship and sex will never become dull.  This aspect also helps to push each other in the sphere of work both can see the positives each has to offer.

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Mars quincunx or semi-sextile Uranus, some talk and honesty may be required at times to stop sex becoming stale.  with this aspect both need to make a conscious effort in long-term relationship to spending some time re-energising and innovating the relationship.

Mars quintile or biquintile Uranus, gives a harmony between acting on instinct and being original and creative.


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