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The moon shone brightly, and the white pebbles which lay in front of the house glittered like real silver pennies. Hansel stooped and put as many of them in the little pocket of his coat as he could possibly get in. Then he went back and said to Grethel, “Be comforted, dear little sister, and sleep in peace, God will not forsake us,” and he lay down again in his bed.

Jupiter in Scorpio give faith in the most trialling of times.  Here no matter what happens in life the person always finds a source of faith and hope through it all.  These individuals feel intensely the connection the have to the earth and the natural cycle.  They feel the natural balance and divine influence in all aspects of their lives.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 1st

house gives the individual faith in their own abilities to cope whatever life throws at them.  These individuals can cope with the most traumatic of events because they believe they will find a way through.  Here this faith helps them to move forward and to keep going when most would give up.  These individuals come to the fore in times of trauma and will often take the lead naturally inspiring others to keep faith and carry on.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 2nd

house give the individual faith in developing inner security as a means of offsetting the dramas of the world and life in general.  Here their faith finds practical expression even in the most dramatic of times these people will focus on what they can do to improve their situation rather than feeling overwhelmed by circumstance.  These are the people who react first in times of natural disaster etc. their faith leads them to working out how to resolve their situations as best they can while awaiting help.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 3rd

house individuals are able to express their faith in the ability to overcome any obstacle in life and to move forward.  These individuals may make great speakers and be involved in helping those with traumatic pasts to move forward in their lives through motivational speaking or therapy.  They may be gifted poets or writers and that inspire others to carry on through their novels or works.  They might see the beauty and wonder of life in the harshest of circumstances and express this to others helping them to reconnect to their own sense of awe and wonder.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 4th

house individuals may have experience early trauma in childhood that has given them a sense of divine protection through the worst of times.  Their faith helps them to remain connected to their family and their loved ones that have passed on.  Here the individual understands the importance of family unity in time of difficulty they family never fails to pull through.  This faith and belief in the strength of family to overcome any obstacle in life is what helps this person unite their family through many trials and tribulations.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 5th

house individuals are at their most creative and imaginative when their backs are pressed against the wall here they seem to find the solution to problems out of thin air and this drives their faith in the good things of life.  These individuals see the positive in life no matter their personal circumstances and that attitude usually attracts others to them.  these people will feel blessed no matter what situation they are in and they shine through that natural faith.  They are intensely creative and full of faith and wonder.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 6th

house individuals have faith in helping others through the traumatic times in life.  They believe that we are all here to help and support each other and will go out of their way to help those in difficulties.  This aspect denotes working hard to protect the weak and vulnerable in life and faith in the results of trying to do so.  These individuals may work with the terminally ill or other occupations in which they constantly have to embrace the fragility of life and their faith helps these individuals cope with the emotional elements of their work.


Jupiter in Scorpio 7th

house here the individual places faith in relationship with others and if this individual is your friend they will most likely stick by you through thick and thin.  This is at the heart of what they believe in, being there for one another through the trials of life and as long as these individuals have friends and family there is no obstacle to hard or trial to traumatic for them to overcome.  These individuals are supportive and expressive in their relationships.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 8th

house individuals are often intense about their beliefs and faith these individuals have endured many things in their lives and their faith has been there to pull them through it all.  There is a deep honesty to their beliefs that does not relate to shallow spiritual catchphrases but requires deep honesty of communication with others.   These individuals are often gifted at supporting others who have experience very traumatic events.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 9th

house individuals may feel the need to teach others their beliefs in some way.  Here the individual may want to reach out to the less fortunate in life and to help lost souls find their way again.  There is a chance that they may come across as preachy at times though nobody would doubt the sincerity of what they are saying.  These individuals are very passionate when speaking on their beliefs and morals.  They feel an intense connection to the divine in life.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 10th

house individuals may inspire many with their story of how they overcame the obstacles in life to become happy and successful individuals.  There is a sense of achieving despite all the odds with this aspect that others will relate to easily and these individuals may become heroes in some way to others.  They may also become renown for their religious or philosophical viewpoint.  These individuals remain positive through out their life although they are also very practical and tend to create their own luck in life.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 11th

house individuals believe in humanity as a whole uniting together through all the trials and obstacles of life.  Here the individual may place great faith in science or society as a method of overcoming natural disasters such as famine and disease.  These souls believe in working together to create a better world for everyone. Those with this aspect are very passionate about their beliefs concerning humanity as a whole. These individuals are always passionate about their ideals and willing to risk a lot in life to live by them.


Jupiter in Scorpio in 12th

house individuals may have traumas which either involve them losing faith or gaining faith as a result.  These individuals may find themselves in the most traumatic of events, and only at those times will thing seem to appear clear to them.  These individuals may grow and develop their own spiritual ideologies throughout their life as a result.  They learn the intensity of their faith can be off putting and often learn who to express this in a more relaxed manner.



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