Mercury in aspect to Pluto synastry   Leave a comment

Mercury the planet of imagination and thought meets Pluto the intense and passionate planet.

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Mercury in dynamic aspect to Pluto, conjunction square or opposite, may make for a very dramatic relationship as the Mercury person may set off the Pluto’s insecurity with the slightest comment.  There is a need for the Mercury person to pay close attention to the subtle body language of the Pluto and not to push then into opening up about issues with this dynamic that will happen anyway.  For the Pluto person this dynamic can be very beneficial for the resolution of past issues.  Mercury needs to be ware of Pluto’s sensitivity and Pluto needs to refrain from manipulation of the truth for this relationship to succeed long-term but it could well be worth it for both. You can understand more about this aspect by reading

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Mercury in harmonic aspect to Pluto, sextile or trine, this is often easier to handle but can still be dynamic if the Pluto person feel intimidated by Mercury’s intelligence or tries to manipulate Mercury.  There is a natural affinity between both parties and if both are open and honest with each other this relationship is one with much potential. Mercury has the potential for growth of insight and Pluto for opening up and accessing traumas and issues from the past that need resolving.  Pluto aspects are usually felt intensely by both parties and not even Mercury is immune to the emotional pull. You can understand more about this aspect by reading

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Mercury quincunx or semi-sextile Pluto, this aspect can be hard as there may be issues with Mercury triggering Pluto insecurities without understanding why.  Mercury could end up very angry with Pluto for blowing up at them for no good reason.  Both parties need to tread carefully especially Pluto who either needs to communicate that certain issues will set them off or cut Mercury some slack in this area. You can understand more about this aspect by reading


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