Mercury in aspect to Jupiter synastry   Leave a comment

Mercury planet of the mind meets Jupiter planet of enthusiasm and addictive feel good factor.

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Mercury conjunct Jupiter aspect gives the relationship a focus outside of the relationship as the couple will likely have similar interests and will probably be able to talk for hours on common interests. Jupiter’s enthusiasm and Mercury’s ability to regurgitate little know facts will ensure this couple is never left without anything to talk about.

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Mercury in dynamic aspect, square or opposition, gives lively conversations between to individuals who perceive life through a different lens.  Both have very different perspectives but this makes for lively conversations and debates between the couple ensuring boredom is kept at bay.

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Mercury in harmonious aspect to Jupiter, sextile or trine gives warmhearted and positive vibe to all communication which is likely to be affectionate and often this couple will tease each other with a twinkle in their eye and a wry smile.  There is much warmth and affection in relationships with this aspect.

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Mercury quincunx Jupiter there is situations where both parties seem to be at cross purpose this is made easier if the Mercury person acknowledges that beliefs and ideals are not based on logic but on emotional intelligence, culture and differing experiences of life.  The jupiter person may also have to realise that the logic of Mercury is not cold but also a method of reaching higher truths through application.


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