Sun in aspect to Pluto synastry   Leave a comment

The luminary of the Solar system lights up the Pluto darkness

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Sun conjunct Pluto unless there is a wide age difference the Sun person is also likely to have their sun Conjunct their own Pluto and they are quite comfortable with the energies of Pluto and will be aware of how it can make us feel powerless.  Pluto is often involved in power games due to insecurities conjunct the Sun of another this helps shed a light on these unconscious manipulations that we all indulge in from time to time.  The Sun will make Pluto feel warm and secure but may make them feel that they are too lit up and exposed at times.  However Pluto is likely to care passionately about the Sun person and willing to go to extreme lengths to gain their attention if necessary.  There is lots of passion expressed within the relationship and this energy is better expressed in the bedroom than power games outside of it.  The Sun person too will feel the intense energy of Pluto and this can be addictive to them also as they feel like they are the centre of the Pluto universe and may want to shine extra brightly in Pluto’s presence.  If Sun and Pluto are in Scorpio this energy is a lot easier to handle.

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Sun in harmonic aspect to Pluto, sextile or trine, their may be manipulation and power games occurring but the sun person will be well aware and relate to the issues that cause these behaviours rather than feeding these unconscious issues they are likely to ignore the manipulation whilst encouraging the other to feel more secure in their relationship.  There is plenty of intense passion within the relationship and both parties will feel the heat in the bedroom.  this aspect has lots of potential when handled with conscious effort both will grow through the relationship and there is plenty of potential for this to be a long term committed relationship.

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Sun in dynamic aspect to Pluto the themes of insecurity and power games or manipulation will be a dynamic within this relationship depending on how aware these souls are these dynamics will play out unconsciously or because of this dynamic aspect be addressed and moved on from.  Both parties will have a strong emotional connection to the other. Those who are aware of the possibilities for manipulation and actively work on addressing these energies positively may be encouraged to know this aspect has the potential of denoting a strong permanent emotional bond that ties these two souls together over a lifetime.

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