Sun in aspect to Mercury synastry   Leave a comment

Sun conjunct Mercury you both have very similar ways of seeing the world around you and expressing your ideas and opinions this makes communication quite easy between you both.

Sun semi-sextile Mercury although you both have different ways of looking at thing you understand where each other is coming from and can communicate effectively if not naturally with each other.

Sun semi square Mercury you have very dynamic communication with each other and either this leads to arguments or both are stimulated to open their mind to different possibilities and learning experiences.

Sun sextile Mercury you are naturally in tune in your thinking and capable of bouncing ideas off each other and expanding the thought process through each others knowledge.

Sun quintile Mercury this aspect is ideal for expanding your creative ideas together to come up with new ways of dealing with problems and issues.  Your differences make you both capable of seeing many more angles to a situation than you can on your own.

Sun Square Mercury you have very dynamic differences of opinion and you both tend to come at things from completely different angles either this drives both to see things from new perspectives and helps both to widen their viewpoints or it may lead to fierce arguments.

Sun Trine Mercury this is a relationship in which there is a harmony of attitude and communication styles you tend to agree with each other most of the time on the important issues, however this can stop both from expanding their thought processes unless both actively seek to do this as individuals.

Sun biquintile Mercury, lots of differences in outlook help make this a very creative aspect that denotes originality as a couple in expression of ideas and communication.

Sun quincunx Mercury you may find it hard to understand where each other is coming from at times but as a team this enables you to work through problems as what one struggles to understand the other usually grasps intuitively.

Sun opposite Mercury you are attracted to the differences in how you both view the world and between you you manage to open each others minds to all sorts of possibilities.


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