Why the Moon is red during a Lunar eclipse   Leave a comment

Lunar eclipses happen only during a full moon, we have two this year which is roughly average, the range is 0-3 but averages at 1.5 per year. During eclipse the earth moves into direct path between the sun and moon blocking the light, in fact if you were standing on the moon it would look very much like the Solar eclipses we see on earth, with the earth blocking out the sun, it would have a bright ring of light surrounding and this red light surrounding the earth is what gives the moon its red glow during an eclipse.

The eclipse is not a sign of end of world days, blood moon of the bible describes a different phenomena, that happens after volcanic eruptions and has nothing to do with eclipses.  Volcanic eruptions that throw a large amount of aerosols (ash) into the atmosphere may cause the moon to appear blood-red because the aerosols may reflect red light, they would also block the sunlight and make the stars go dim.  Volcanic eruptions can cause climate cooling but it is only a short-term effect, however it was enough to have dire consequences for people living in biblical times.


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