Uranus Father of Venus and Psychological castration   Leave a comment

Uranus in synastry can be connected to unconscious emotional needs and fears.  Uranus often depicts a symbolic castration, with planets this is about cutting their energy expression off especially dynamic aspects.  With the dynamic aspect two factors are in play, the first is the Uranus wound dynamic aspects to this activate the need to protect this wound remember Uranus has been castrated this is a deep wound in a tender area.  The second is that castration prevents Uranus from responding but the fruit of that wound Venus can where there are dynamic aspects to the Uranus we must learn to go through the person’s Venus to reach them and to understand their Uranus sensitivities.  If the individuals are strong enough to deal with these aspects there is great opportunity to heal old wounds through the relationship.

In the more harmonic aspects this castration energy frees the couple to connect to one another on a level that is not dependent on a physical or romantic relationship, this ability to connect with their energy is very positive for the Uranus person and helps them feel more comfortable with their wounds in the others presence this brings a gentle healing theme into the relationship.



Posted April 13, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Synastry

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