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image zeus

Jupiter and sex, from Zeus’s philandering ways to God telling us to go forth and multiply – have always had a huge impact on us psychologically.  Jupiter expands and lacks control something we have been taught to fear the consequences of in society with good reason lack of any control is not healthy in any area of life.  Repression is not healthy either, what we believe about sex colours our whole outlook.

Jupiter is at its heart natural and urges us to be our natural selves in relationships, that includes coming to terms with who we are as sexual beings and feeling comfortable expressing that energy in our intimate relationships.  Our Jupiter energy is always unique to us embracing our uniqueness and giving expression to it are all part of our Jupiter experience.

Jupiter shows where we naturally feel comfortable as lovers where we easily expand and express our sexuality or where we find discomfort and how we learn to become at ease with ourselves as sexual beings.


Posted April 12, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Synastry

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