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Mercury is the main depositor by sign in my chart, the only planets it does not connect to are Venus and Saturn, Venus is the depositor by sign for both. Mercury is not connected by house depositor to Venus either there is a disconnection between my Mercury and my Venus neither aspect each other.

What does this disconnection mean, in real life it is hard for me to consciously process my unconscious emotional responses because I often have no idea what these emotions are or that I am feeling them there is a block between my unconscious emotions and my rational mind they cannot communicate directly with each other.  That does not mean they cannot communicate at all but for me that communication happens via the moon, the moon justifies my emotional responses because it is the conscious emotional response centre it finds a reason to be angry or sad.  By exploring my conscious emotional response I get some idea into the unconscious emotions behind them.

Sometimes other planets are involved in a disconnect such as Pluto where the trauma of an event has caused a disconnect, disconnects can be beneficial especially in protecting the developing mind as children but as adults we need to find ways of reaching the disconnected aspects of our chart, to begin the process of healing issues that resulted in the disconnection.

By noticing any disconnections between planets we can focus on how reconnection best occurs, to enable the individual to better process all aspects of their lives.


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