I was born a Pharisee – My Sun in 12th house   Leave a comment

Let me explain who the Pharisees were and why I was born one.  The Pharisees were created after the captivity in Babylon as a reaction to the pollution of the Hebrew religion in captivity.  Pharisees were created to set themselves apart from this Babylonian ‘worldliness’, these people had to set themselves apart and live in full accordance to the Abrahamic laws.  They became the pure ones, the one’s unsullied by greed, desire and other worldly thoughts, in their purity they cut themselves off from God.

They abandoned the worldly ego for that of the spiritual one, and that is deadly to the soul.  It is the one form of egotism that according to Jesus would not be forgiven, the only type of egotism that can damn the soul.

It is easy to think that because we follow some belief path, moral code or philosophical outlook that we have become better than those who have different moral stance, or philosophical views.  The truth is I know no more than anyone else on this planet, I am no more in a position to judge what is right or wrong than any other individual, I will never be wiser, more spiritual or more honest than the publican because he is open and honest in his ignorance, his faults and his unrighteousness.

There is no shame to having an ego – despite what you may have been told – the shame is in the pretense of pretending it doesn’t exist, in the pretense of believing your morals, spiritual path, or philosophy can ever change your egotistical drives.  I can’t change my ego, or dissolve it only become more conscious and aware of it.  I was born a Pharisee and I will die one, and that’s OK because this lesson is not about dissolving my Pharisee ego but in understanding that it is just ego.

I have the Sun in the 12th house, my ego may tell me that it makes me spiritually special, more in tune with the spirit but the fact is my ego is no more special than yours.


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