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Chart depositors show the flow of energy around a chart.  Most of you will know the rulers of the signs and houses, we call them rulers put they are depositors of energy they give energy to their signs and houses and thus to any planets there.

The easiest way to explain the depositors is by example so I will use my natal chart: Moon in Pisces – depositor is Neptune, Neptune in Scorpio – depositor is Pluto, Pluto in Virgo depositor is Mercury, Mercury in Gemini – in own sign final depositor. For my chart the final sign depositor is Mercury.

For Houses,  Venus in 11th house – depositor is Uranus, Uranus in 4th house – depositor is Moon, Moon in 9th house – depositor is Jupiter, Jupiter in 4th house – depositor is the moon.  Moon and Jupiter are mutual depositors in the Houses.

For those wanting to find the depositors in their natal chart astrodienst in their extended chart section under Pullen has depositor charts.

Usually one of three scenarios occur;

you will have a Final depositor – this means that the final depositor tends to control the decision-making process,

You will have mutual depositors both planets are involved in the decision-making process,

You will have a loop contain 3-4 planets, this acts like a mutual depositor with two main planets processing and another one or two involved in the decision-making process.

The depositors in your chart show the flow of energy the aspects these planets make show how that process works, chart depositors in dynamic aspects means this energy tends to be dynamic in the chart pushing the individual onwards, chart depositors in trines, sextiles who a smoother easy-going energy flow.

Whatever the aspects Chart depositors tend to show highlighted areas of the chart, for mine 4th house is ruled by Moon mutual house Depositor, and Mercury final sign depositor is ruler of the sign in 4th.

Transits to the depositors in a chart will have more effect on those areas the depositors rule.






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