Pluto as chart depositor   Leave a comment


Individuals with Pluto as a chart depositor/ dispositor have often had traumatic experiences early in life they may have felt manipulated or the victim of power games.

The house and sign Pluto occupies in the natal chart will show how their views and reactions have been coloured by events in their lives.  The house that Scorpio resides in will also have significance in showing where these issues stem from and any planets in Scorpio or the 8th will help add colour to their own unique and personal story.

The aspects Pluto makes in the chart will show how this energy is felt by the individual, dynamic aspects will mean that the individual is acutely aware of the effects the past has had on them this energy drives them forward and compels them on because of the inner unrest they feel.  With more harmonic aspects the individual is more at peace with who they are and their early experiences.  Often the chart contains a mixture of both and these individuals are both driven and able to relax when necessary.



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