Chiron in the 4th house or in Cancer   Leave a comment


Individuals with Chiron in the 4th house have had a traumatic childhood often filled with tumultuous events and uncertainty.  These individuals have experienced deep emotional scarring because of family traumas.  They have had to overcome childhood issues which may have included domestic abuse etc…

As adults these people feel compassion for the less fortunate in life, they understand how issues dating back to childhood can scar a person and lead them to escape through addiction, self harm or other destructive behaviours.  They are the most likely to speak out on issues such as domestic abuse from the viewpoint of the child.  These individuals have had a tough childhood but they know they have the capacity to survive what ever life throws at them because of this.


Posted March 31, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Chiron sign / houses

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