South Node in 12th, in Pisces or in aspect to Neptune   Leave a comment


Individuals with South Node in 12th house are used to swimming in a sea of emotional turmoil.  They have developed a strong ability to sense what is happening, this is often due to childhood issues, they grew up having to sense and feel their way through an emotional maze, of which nothing was ever said only implied in the subtle actions and reactions of others.

Thus they tend to make decisions based on gut instincts that are based on subtle body language and sensed understanding of the direction events are going in.  This is hampered at times because of their own emotional sensitivity where they end up making decisions based on their own beliefs about themselves at that moment, at times, and their emotions can paralyse them from making unpleasant choices and acting on them when it is necessary.

This has given these individuals an acute awareness of what lies just beneath the surface, these individuals have an anxious emotional awareness to others, and feed off subtle undercurrents.  As they begin to embrace their North Node assessment of the consequences of their actions, they learnt to balance their heightened sensitivity with critical analytic thinking realizing that people’s issues are their own and not the result of them, or anything they have done that is an important fact they have to remember about their childhood – those issues existed before they ever did and they could not have changed them.  When taking this feedback back into the decision process of their South Node, they are able to use their gut feeling much more accurately and assess better when it is their own emotional issues that are the problem.  With time they are capable of learning when to step back from their emotional instincts and use rational assessment of how likely / real these fears are.


Posted March 30, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Nodes, South Node

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