Moon in aspect to Uranus in synastry   Leave a comment

frogspawn nebula

Moon conjunct, opposite or square Uranus, the moon person understands the issues of the Uranus person well and can give the Uranus person much-needed sympathy and support.  However depending on the depth of trauma the Uranus person has experienced and their level of maturity they may find this relationship to intense and feel threatened by the intimacy.  Often they erect subtle walls to protect their own space and insecurities, the moon person can often sense this and can feel excluded.  The moon person in such a relationship must allow the person their space and accept that opening up is a slow process that occurs over the years if given time and patience.  It takes a very mature moon to cope with this aspect without feeling rejected or excluded.

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Moon sextile or trine Uranus, the moon person intuitively feels the issues of the Uranus person and understands why they erect protective barriers.  This aspect helps the Uranus person relax easier and open up in their own time. Both understand each other on an intuitive sometimes telepathic level.  This aspect also denotes an expression of feeling comfortable and open in each others company.  There is an ability to say how you really feel with this aspect without being judged which is a sign of a very secure relationship based on trust.

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Moon quintile or biquintile Uranus, this relationship is quite creative and healing for those involved both learn to intuitively relate to the others hang-ups and quirks accepting each other just for who they are.

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Moon quincunx Uranus, this relationship has difficulties in relating to the emotional needs of each party, both need to follow their intuition more and learn the subtle signals each is sending out either for space or for some reassurance and affection.

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