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Moon conjunct, opposite or square Pluto, you are drawn to each other and there is a very deep connection between you both.  However you both need to be careful that manipulation and power games do not come into play in this relationship, as the intense emotions that you have for each other may be destroyed by such acts.  There is a strong emotional tie that binds you together however jealousy may rear its head and both parties may feel as though it can take their relationship over at times.  There is a need to put these emotions into perspective to allow this relationship to reach its full potential as a strong emotional bond that connects two people together through out life.

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Moon sextile or trine Pluto, the intense connection you have feels natural like you were always destined to be together.  Themes of manipulation and games may be more subtle than with dynamic aspects therefore less likely to spot, this means being aware of these tendencies and consciously taking actions to nip any tendencies in the bud.  There is plenty of passion and intensity within your relationship which are best expressed through sexual desire and intimacy than jealous manipulation and threats.

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Moon Quintile or biquintile Pluto, you have a deep connection that gives your relationship strength and structure.  You can both develop as individuals comfortable with the knowledge that there is always someone who understands your frailties and loves you for them.

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Moon quincunx Pluto, You have intense effect on each other which neither is aware of, this mysterious dynamic means you both have to intuitively learn to go with the flow of this energy instead of questioning and trying to understand this relationship you both must accept it for what it is and enjoy the moment.  When you both relax in each others presence more you will intuitively respond and that will easy the magic flowing through this relationship.

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4 responses to “Moon in aspect to Pluto in synastry

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  1. hi,
    how can Moon sesquiquadrate Pluto in synastry manifest?

    thx 🙂

    • Very similar to the square but more intense at times transit planets are at 90 / 45 degrees aspect to the planets involved – rest of the time it is slightly easier than square but basically same dynamic tension.
      The moon person and the Pluto person will feel compelled to deal with issues both have around their families, power structures and manipulation but it can bring resolution to issues in long-term.

  2. My partner and I have LOTS of Pluto contacts in our synastry. Any Ideas on how to constructively heal and transform these energies?

    Our Plutos are both in SCORPIO as well — What does this mean?

    Pluto opposition Moon
    Pluto square Moon
    Pluto conjunct Ascendant
    Pluto conjunct Sun
    Pluto conjunct Venus
    Pluto conjunct Pluto – EXACT at 9 degrees each
    Pluto conjunct Mercury
    Pluto Trine Jupiter
    Pluto Quincunx Jupiter
    Pluto Quincunx Mars

    • Pluto conjunction is common generational aspect that you have with everybody in your generation. Pluto moon aspect first, that is about projecting issues around family, childhood, feelings about our nationality/country onto other for the pluto person so healing requires dealing with any issues with those, and questioning why these responses to the moon person are happening, Pluto represents what we bury and our darker self. Resentment, jealousy and anger which is a natural part of being in a family but which we bury. For the moon person if there is any childhood history of abuse, emotional manipulation,controlling themes or authoritarian power grabs in childhood when pluto acts like this they will trigger intense emotional responses. For example if your father was violent Pluto will feel the same emotionally. For ascendant it will trigger issues around personal space, sun and venus will trigger feelings of intense connections and often very emotional outbursts. Both of you have already got Pluto square or opposing the moon natally which means these issues aren’t new but already happening internally. This means it isn’t as bad,family is already a touchy subject for you both and that isn’t new which means you will always be dealing with those issues any way and as you work on them throughout life they cease to be as sensitive. You also both seem to have angular charts, so you are used to the energy of squares and oppositions. Which means this energy isn’t as overpowering, as somebody with an angular chart we often need angular contacts with others to feel them, trines and sextiles don’t register enough with our internal dynamics. If you had a nice easy going chart this would be very extreme but not when you have an angular chart.

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