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Moon conjunct,opposite or square Neptune, at the beginning of this relationship you may see this person as the vision of your dreams all your ideals rolled into one person.  However as the relationship goes on you may discover that Neptune rules disillusionment as well as illusion.  This is a hard aspect in a relationship and it needs a very mature outlook to cope with it, both will have to be aware that they need to be very clear with each other about their feelings and exactly where the relationship is heading.  That does not mean that the Neptune person is necessarily lying or dishonest but that they may be misunderstood or have been misinterpreted.  With Neptune it often projects our dreams and desires without the Neptune person even realising or being aware of this affect.  The Neptune person may love the moon person dearly and be the most upright and honest of people but the moon person will still see what they want to see.  The Neptune person most likely is very sensitive to the moon person and probably tries in their own way to make them realise they are only flesh and blood like the rest of us.  If the moon person can accept the faults and frailties of Neptune and does not blame their disappointment on him but moves forward this relationship has lots of long term potential.  In this aspect it could be an indication that having a family together is a priority and important aspect of the relationship.

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Moon sextile or trine Neptune,this relationship is very dream-like and feels almost mystical /spiritual in some aspects.  You may well have a spiritual lesson to learn together as a couple, whether that is a positive or negative experience no one can tell just remember to keep one foot on the ground just in case.  This aspect is very romantic and helps to ease the effects of more dynamic aspects in the chart and on the whole is quite positive as long as one is aware of the need to check in with reality now and again.  Neptune in this aspect may indicate starting a family together and all the trials we face as parents.  It may also be an indicator of marriage.

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Moon quintile or biquintile Neptune, this aspect gives your relationship a mystical romantic aura that eases any underlying contentions.

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Moon quincunx Neptune, you have a misty and mysterious relationship which you can’t quite fathom out.  This relationship inspires both parties to learn to relate intuitively with each other.

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