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inverted stars

Aspects between the moon of each couple, show how they connect emotionally.

Moon conjunct moon, you are intuitively connected and can finish off each other’s sentences.  You both feel the same way about things which means you often lack a difference of perspective which can make you both narrow in your outlook.  However you have an overwhelming sense of family and belonging with each other and can be quite happy in your own little bubble just the two of you.  Only trouble is you both tend to feel down simultaneously which makes it hard for you to pick each other up.

Moon semi-sextile moon, you understand each other’s outlook on life but know you are both individuals with your own individual perspectives and as such you respect each others emotional strengths and differences.  When one of you is down the other can usually help them cope and what affects one of you doesn’t seem to affect the other, this is good at helping to create stability and interdependency.

Moon sextile moon, you get where each other is coming from emotionally and can easily relate on an emotional level towards each other. although you are different you have an emotional harmony and natural empathy for what the other is feeling and are sympathetic when the other is feeling low.

Moon semi-square moon, you are both intense in your emotional feeling for each other, there may be many passionate arguments with this dynamic but there is also an intense emotional connection to one another.  This relationship is fiery, passionate and consuming for both parties.

Moon quintile moon, you have differences in emotional responses but they can easily be harmonised creating a good support structure for each other both parties can be good listeners and sounding boards for the other and help them move forward with emotional issues.

Moon square moon, you are obsessive and intense when it comes to your relationship with each other, both of you are irresistibly drawn to each other and sparks inevitably fly because feelings between you are so intense, this can lead to stormy arguments and intense moments but neither of you seem to be able to resist the others pull for too long.

Moon trine moon, you both seem to finish each others sentences and know exactly how each other is going to respond.  Although you are both different your outlooks are remarkable similar and you have a natural and intuitive connection to each other on an emotional level that gives both the security and independence needed to be truly themselves.

Moon biquintile Moon you may be different but you both can relate to how each other is feeling and offer each other love and support when times are hard and one of you is struggling.  You have both got the ability to ground each other in times of stress making your relationship work through issues and hard-times.

Moon quincunx moon, who is that mysterious figure half-lit and shimmering in the distance, you find it hard to instinctively relate emotionally with each other but that mystery just adds to the allure of this relationship because your partner is an enigma an unsolvable puzzle that can drive you insane at times.

Moon opposite Moon, there may be plenty of thunder and lightning because this relationship has an electrified air to it.  You understand your emotional differences well and they balance out but the spark in this relationship will never dull down but always reignite the flames of emotional passions, this is an intense affair of the heart for both involved.



Posted March 29, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Synastry

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