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Moon conjunct, opposite and square jupiter, this aspect activates the positive sunny side of the moon person, who feels extra special in the presence of the jupiter person.  This energy has an uplifting effect but both parties must ensure they don’t allow it to turn them into a couple who behave self-righteously because that would be a waste of opportunity to explore and open up each others worldview and enrich both parties experience of life.  Some with this aspect may come from different cultures and backgrounds and will work to blend these differing cultures into their relationship.  both parties may feel the desire to have a family together, with this aspect.

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Jupiter sextile or trine Moon, this aspect generally shows that the two of you have good feelings for each other and enjoy each other’s company. This relationship is likely to be spiritually and morally uplifting as long as both parties keep their feet on the ground and do not over-estimate their own morality. The world looks better when you are together and this aspect will actually help you both to cope with any stormy weather in your relationship as you will both be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a marriage, this aspect instills a desire for children and makes it more likely that you will have them.

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Moon quintile or biquintile Jupiter, you see the best in each other and feel more capable of facing the world together.  Both of you may feel the urge to settle down and start a family with this aspect.

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Moon quincunx Jupiter, this aspect denotes that you both feel good together although neither of you understands why you know the other is intuitively capable of raising a smile on your face when the chips are down.

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