Asteroid Ophelia 171 the Madness of repression   3 comments

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Ophelia is a tragic character from Hamlet.

“Should not the poet have furnished Ophelia, the insane maiden, with another sort of songs? Could not one select out of melancholy ballads? What have double meanings and lascivious insipidities to do in the mouth of this noble maiden? In these singularities, in this apparent impropriety, there lies a deep sense. Do we not know from the very first what the mind of the good child was busy with? Silently she lived within herself, scarcely concealing, however, her longing, her wishes. Secretly the tones of desire were ringing in her soul, and how often may she have endeavored, like an unwise nurse, to sing her senses to sleep with songs which only kept them more wide awake? At last, when all command of herself is taken from her, when her heart hovers upon her tongue, her tongue turns traitress, and in the innocence of insanity she solaces herself, before king and queen, with the echo of beloved, loose songs.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

Ophelia is forced to repress her feelings for Hamlet by her family. Ophelia is very passive and obedient character that obeys and complies to what is expected of her.  In the end this suppression of her own wants and desires leads her to madness.  We all repress certain aspects of our nature and character, we do so in order for us to get along easier but when this repression becomes a dominant feature something inside us will eventually snap.

Ophelia in the natal chart shows how and what we are in the habit of repressing how we learn to express that part of our character and accept our own nature as a whole.


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3 responses to “Asteroid Ophelia 171 the Madness of repression

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  1. Is this picture with yellow lines,the natal chart?

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