Eunomia 15, Irene 14 & Dike 99 of Godesses of Order, Peace and Justice   Leave a comment

beneath concrete skies

Eunomia is the Goddess of spring and good order, relating to natural law and cycle.

“The names of the Horae, daughters of Jove [Zeus], son of Saturn [Kronos], and Themis, daughter Titanides, arethese: Auxo, Eunomia (Order), Pherusa, Carpo (Fruit), Dice (Justice), Euporia, Irene (Peace), Orthosie, Thallo.”

Eunomia is inseperable from  her sisters Dike and Irene.

You must magnify Eunomia (the Goddess of Order) who loves what is right and preserves every city and every land; and before you cast your votes, each juryman must reflect that he is being watched by hallowed and inexorable Dike (Justice), who, as Orpheus, that prophet of our most sacred mysteries, tells us, sits beside the throne of Zeus and oversees all the works of men.

Dike or Dice was also know as Astraea, another asteroid. Both represent moral justice.  Irene Goddess of Spring and peace is often depicted carrying Plutus God of wealth in her arms as a child. These three in the natal chart should be looked at together as a trinity, Eunomia, Dike & Irene.




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