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Melpomene means singing, although since this muse rules over Greek tragedies perhaps a better definition would be to Singer for the Goat – as tragedy derives its name from Greek – song for the sacrifice of the goat.

Aristotle writes in the Poetics that, in the beginning, tragedy was an improvisation “by those who led off the dithyramb”, which was a hymn in honor of Dionysus. This was brief and burlesque in tone because it contained elements of satyr. Gradually, the language became more serious.  The lyric poet Arion is said to be the inventor of the dithyramb. The dithyramb was originally improvised, but later written down before performance.  Tradition attributes Thespis as the first person to represent a character in a play, this took place in 534 BC during the Dionysia.

Melpomene therefore can represent the burlesque farce as well as the tragic in the natal chart. Often there is a fine line between the two.  Melpomene making aspects to planets in the natal chart can indicated those with theatrical talents, in song dance or Drama.


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4 responses to “Asteroid Melpomene 18 Muse of the Greek Tragedy

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  1. Mercury trine melpomene 1 degree 😀

  2. My Melpomene conjunct Vertex in Cancer in the 8th house, any interpretation of that?

    Myles McKinley Walker Jr

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