Asteroids Diana 78 and Artemis 105 Sisters are doing it for themselves   Leave a comment


Diana and Artemis both represent the indestructible feminine hunter / warrior inside us all.  They are wild and untamable aspect no man can reach or touch of feminine power, they are the protectors of the natural world and of women as a whole.  They represent our ability to rise from the ashes untainted and pure of the divine spirit of the sisterhood.  These women are strong, independent aspects of our nature.

In the natal chart both these aspects highlight areas where we are protectors, what it is we seek to protect and defend.  They show where our strengths lie, where we are independent of society and social constraints.  They show where we will not give way to others but fight for our rights.  Strong Artemis and Diana in the chart depicts strong independent women having a major impact on our lives.

They also represent parts of our hidden sexuality and natural instincts, both of these asteroids show our darker sexual natures as hunters and devourer of men.  In male charts it can show where we feel threatened by strong women.


Posted March 23, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

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