Aspects in the natal chart – what are dynamic aspects   Leave a comment

Dynamic aspects are conjunctions, oppositions and squares.

Conjunction – when planets are between 0 – 6 degrees apart can be as wide as 10 for the Sun or Moon and 2 degrees for asteroids.  Conjunction is a dynamic aspect because they are sharing the same space, think of the conjunction as Christmas Day Lunch all the family stuck in a confined space unable to ignore all those little faults and foibles that grate on the nerves.  That is what gives the conjunction its dynamic energy there is no choice for these planets/ asteroids but to interact and react with each other.  This causes dynamism, because neither planet /asteroid can veg out on the sofa and relax.  They constantly energize each other into action and reaction.

Opposition – when planets are 174 – 186 degrees apart can add two degrees either way with Sun and Moon and 178 – 182 degrees with asteroids. Opposition as the name applies is when planets are in direct opposition in the natal chart, this dynamic aspect forces each planet to reassess and prove its point as each is opposed.  The opposition is like a permanent debate between the two planets / asteroids involved, neither lets the other off the hook.

Square – When planets are 84 – 96 degrees apart as is always the case you can add a couple of degrees either way for luminaries and 88 – 92 degrees for asteroids.  Square is like a Mexican standoff the planets / asteroids involved can not negotiate or find common ground, neither can advance their position or withdraw causing a constant friction.  This constant friction causes both to be hyper vigilant and unable to relax creating the dynamic energy.

Minor dynamic aspects are the semi square 45 degrees and the sesquisquare 135 degrees.  Although minor aspects both can be in aspect planets in a square or other dynamic aspect magnifying that dynamic energy.


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