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I have transit Neptune conjunct my moon right now, This is beautifully written and depicts the mood of Neptune with great sensitivity.

Ethereal Astrology


One of the most sensitive aspects when Moon aspects Neptune; it creates a strong emotional memory, empathy, and compassion within the personality. There is a constant balancing act or complexes between revealing emotion or keeping it hidden from view. This creates an emotional barometer, as this aspect can pick up on the emotions of others and the environment. It is very important that those with this aspect take time to rest and reflect and learn to distinguish their emotions from others. There can be a tinge of sadness within the native that is carried throughout the lifetime, but this sadness is not a typical sadness of a upsetting day, more like a heavy sigh.

Although Moon and Neptune may seem similar, there is inherent differences. The Moon is a protective energy as well as an energy that needs and gives nurturing. Neptune is not about nurturing, nor protection as it…

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