Chaldaea 313 the astronomers / astrologers asteroid   4 comments


The land of Chaldea lay between the Euphrates and Tigris, Chaldean became synonymous with astrologer or astronomer, because the Chaldeans were thought to be very learned in these arts.

Asteroid Chaldaea in the natal chart when it aspects natal planets and midheaven or ascendant confers the gifts of the Chaldeans to become learned in these arts too.



4 responses to “Chaldaea 313 the astronomers / astrologers asteroid

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  1. Hi, I have the Chaldea asteroid on the DNA in virgo in the second house. Strange thing is there are no connections between any other planets and DNA . And Atlantis on the ascendant in leo. My su
    n is also in leo. And the sicily asteroid is in the 8th house opposite the DNA, my father is born in sicily☺. We live in the netherlands, my father immigrated from there over 60 years ago. I am searching all over the Internet for all these things, I hope I will find more.

  2. Hi, thank you for your quick answer. i will give you my birthdate so you can look for yourself. I was born in Dordrecht the Netherlands, at august 5 1966 at 4:30 in the morning. I have a very strong bond with my son, he was born in Dordrecht, the Netherlands at Juli 17 1989 at 7:30 in the morning. Funny thing is my mother has red hair. and we don`t know were that is comming from.( more the scotiisch color then the irish color) She is 88 now and her hair is still not grey I am also a genealogist and from my grandfathers his grandfather is called Pack. ( pak in dutch) . And another thing that i found very strange. i looked at the asteroides for my name. i was given the name Vincenza when i was born, form my Sicilian grandmorther. I looked up the name and it is on my SN. Then when i was 18 i changed my name to Evelyn. If you look up that asteroid it will be at the pluto/uranus conjunction in the third house. in 1999 i got my reiki initiations and i started using the name Robin on the internet. if you look at that the asteroid Robyn is at my NN. My son has the asteroide Babylon on his ascendant and my sun and Atlantis falls on his ascendant. I hope you can help me out because there is no one here that can help me and i really want to know more. If i can help you out with some genealogic questions i will.

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