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Lamia is Greek but her origins go way back into the Sumerian era, to understand Lamia we need to take a trip back in time.

The Edimmu, were in Summerian mythology the ghosts or spirits of the dead who had not had a proper funeral rite and so could not lie at rest.  They were thought to be vengeful of the living especially those breaking social / religious taboos.  They also preyed on the young and weak those sleeping or ill, the Edimmu sucked out their spirits and carried them with them on the wind.

Dimme (Summerian) or Lamashtu (Akkadian), was a malevolent Goddess daughter of Anu the sky God.  Lamashtu menaced women in childbirth and would try and steal the suckling child to feed on its bones. At some point the myths of the Edimmu and Lamashtu were mixed up with the Goddess Lilith (Ninlil) perhaps as she was the Goddess of the wind and the Edimmu carried souls of children on the wind she was associated first with the Edimmu and then Lamashtu.  Lamashtu was the prototype Goddess of Vampires and demons.  Lamashtu means she who erases, as such she would also prey on young men making them sterile by sucking the life blood from them.
Lamia of Greek mythology also preyed on children and young men, however this time Hera (Ninlil) queen of the Gods is depicted as causing Lamia to devour children by having abducted Lamia’s own children.  In other myths she forced Lamia to devour her own children too. Lamia starts her story as a queen of Libya until destroyed by the grief for her children turning her into a monstrous demon.
The grief of a parent for a child runs through all of these myths, losing a child changes people.  The death of an innocent is perhaps the most shocking and disturbing event we face.  In the Greek myth Lamia is unable to sleep until Zeus gives her the power to remove her eyes.  This corresponds to playing over trauma, a common theme of grief and post traumatic stress disorder.  Lamia position in the natal chart indicates an area where we have experienced trauma, and where we are most likely to have difficulties moving on from that situation.  This asteroid is also significant factor in night terrors etc.

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