Asteroid Toutatis 4179 part of the gang or misfit   2 comments

circle of love

Asteroid Toutatis is named after the Celtic God Toutatis, God of the tribe.  This little asteroid represents being part of the gang, family, friends, community.

Asteroid Toutatis in the natal chart shows bow we fit in or not as members of our family our community and neighbourhood.  Dynamic aspects reflect difficulties in these areas, feeling unwanted as a child, feeling as if we don’t belong, difficulty finding our identity, difficulty being part of group, not finding the right friends or support, feeling excluded from society.  Toutatis is also a Romeo and Juliet asteroid in aspect to certain asteroids and planets it signifies breaking the social norms, forbidden love.

Toutatis also shows how we work with others whether we have the ability to blend in at work or whether we need to be more dynamic, creative and we need individual freedom to do so.





2 responses to “Asteroid Toutatis 4179 part of the gang or misfit

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  1. Would you please tell us which asteroid(s) in synastry Toutatis creates a Romeo and Juliet (forbidden love) effect? Thank you.

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