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Aries fire ball

Lambing season is almost here, heralding the start of spring and rebirth.  Aries the Ram, lamb and Shepherd leads us into spring at the equinox 21 – 22 March.  As the old proverb says March comes in as a Lion and goes out as a lamb, much like Aries souls themselves these people are honesty, fiesty and forthright; their spirited nature however can give people the wrong impression, casual aquaintances may miss the sweet natured lamb underneath the passionate warrior.

Aries are always warriors fighting battles for justice, equality and fairness in whatever sphere they occupy.  Good shepherds know there are wolves and foxes that prey on innocent lambs, like all good shepherds they like to lead the flock to safe pastures.  These Shepherds are naturally drawn into politics and other occupations where swift decisive leadership is needed.

What ever occupation they choose they will strive to be the best, in relationships their innocent little…

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