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The Temple at Gobekli Tepe may date back as far as 6,000 yrs before stone henge.  The Lime stone pillars have visible carvings that may represent deities.  We do not know what these deities were and that leaves the field open for guess-work.  For me I see the carvings arranged in a circular pattern as representing the natural cycle and the heavens that revolve with the seasons these two events are inseparable especially to the ancients.

The temple at Gobekli Tepe was built, covered in earth, built upon once more, again covered in earth as part of a ritual we do not understand.  What we can say is that mythology is rich in representations of the underworld connected to cereal Goddesses – Enlil and Ninlil in Sumerian Mythology and Persephone, Pluto in Greek / Roman mythology.  At the estimated time of these buildings wild cattle and grain were beginning to be farmed, this is an important transition point in history.  The temple may represent ancient Gods of our hunter Gatherer ancestors which were replaced by the Gods of agriculture.

These Gods may have been represented in the sky as constellations, significant to their seasons and guides to the traveller, we can surmise that myths and fairy tales were developed to impart information to future generations.  Perhaps these myths might have used the constellation Gods as guides in times of drought etc. The Gods and Goddesses if followed in that direction leading to water sources.

What we do know is the Sumerians spoke of the Annunaki, ancient Gods followed by their forefathers in my opinion this could be the Gods of the Gobekli Tepe, ancient tales that died out as mankind moved forwards from a hunter gatherer life style to agriculture.

Moving on to the Sumerians, we can see lots of representations of their Gods as constellations.  Image the sky at night without the stars and moon that is the Tiamet or Nammu the Original creator Goddess who gave birth to the starry sky and the earth, she is the sea in which the stars and moon float upon.  In astronomy a section of the sky is still known as the sea it includes the Constellations of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn as well as Pegasus, Equuleus, Delphinus and others.  The Sky was the God Anu and his wife the earth Ki, forever in eternal embrace.  Enki was most probably the constellation of Aquarius, he represented the living waters of rivers – rivers are still the most vital requirement for human settlement, population atlas’ show how humans concentrate around them we need water for life.

Enki was God of the Apsu, fresh water, the Sumerians believed that the earth below the horizon floated in the Apsu, when Sumerians talk of Enki sleeping in the Apsu, it is not much of a leap to interpret this as the constellation being below the horizon.  Enlil was most likely Capricorn and after gaining superiority as head God from Enki also Aquarius would be most likely be associated with him.  Enlil however does not sleep in the Apsu he enters the Underworld with Ninlil, Virgo (ear of grain), impregnating her.

In Greek Mythology we see the same pattern, Uranus God of the Sky and husband of Gaia the earth.  His children the twelve Titans were the first Gods, Oceanus may have been Aquarius pouring water upon the earth.  What we do know is that in all these cultures the Old Gods of the Sky were usurped by the new Gods of the planets.


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