Asteroid Apollo 1862 Know Thyself   6 comments

Architectural element

I am Rosemary’s granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done
My momma’s still my biggest fan

Sometimes I’m clueless and I’m clumsy
But I’ve got friends that love me
And they know just where I stand
It’s all a part of me and that’s who I am

So when I make a big mistake
And when I fall flat on my face
I know I’ll be alright

Who Am I   Jessica Andrews

Apollo is the Greek God of oracles, medicine and music.  Hermes created the Lyre for Apollo his hymns are called Paeans, and we each have our own Paean or song, understanding our own song is part of Apollo’s healing medicine.  Apollo in the chart is part of our journey in discovering our song, the music which as heavenly dancers we feel vibrate throughout our soul.

Apollo shows where our unique talents and abilities lie, where we shine and where we need to listen to our inner voice and intuition.  When we try to block or ignore Apollo in the chart dis-ease can raise its head Apollo not only asks us to know ourselves but to accept ourselves for who we are, to accept our song and dance to its rhythm.


6 responses to “Asteroid Apollo 1862 Know Thyself

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  1. My Apollo conjunct jupiter and Midheaven in Libra

    Myles McKinley Walker Jr
  2. Hi. I have apollo in (cancer) in my fourth house conjunct sun (leo), venus (cancer), mercury (leo) and moon (cancer) all in fourth house. Apollo also trines saturn (pisces) in 12th house and pluto in scorpio in 8th house. Sun, venus, mercury and moon are also all conjunct in 4th house. Can you please tell me how this plaus out in my personality?

    • Apollo in Cancer will give you aspects of sun in Cancer drive to seek secure environment, nurturing and security trine both Saturn and Pluto that need is very real and intensely felt, however it does give your Sun in Leo a more sensitive nature than usual but you also have a great talent at empathising with others.

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