Antigone 129 and Hippodamia 692 Dysfunctional families   Leave a comment

Pillars of creation

Antigone was the daughter / sister of Oedipus.  After her father/ brother discovered his wife was his mother he blinded himself and left, Jocaster his wife / mother committed suicide.  Jocaster’s brother Creon was left in control of country until Oedipus’s sons grew up.  Later, the brothers started fighting over who will rule Thebes. Being the older brother, Polyneices believed he had the birthright, but Eteocles ousted him. Polyneices with an army invaded Thebes – in which both the brothers died. Thus once more Creon ascended to the throne.

Creon gave Eteocles an honourable funeral as defender of country but saw Polyneices as a traitor.  Antigone however was determined to give her brother a respectful funeral and incurred the wrath of Creon her uncle.  Creon ordered his son Haemon to kill Antigone however Haemon was in love with Antigone and hid her.  Antigone had a son with Haemon called Maeon, who because of the mark of the dragon on his forehead was recognised as Antigone’s son.  Creon was now aware that Antigone was still alive, leading Haemon to kill her and commit suicide before they were discovered.

Hippodamia’s father was told that his son-in-law would cause his death, thus he had challenged all of Hippodamia’s suitors to a chariot race in which he killed them.  Pelops wanting to marry Hippodamia asked Neptune for help,  Neptune gave Pelops his chariot of winged horses to race with, Pelops still unsure of victory promises  half of Oenomaus’ kingdom and the first night in bed with Hippodamia to Myrtilus, as he was putting Oenomaus’ chariot together, he replaced the bronze linchpins attaching the wheels to the chariot axle with fake ones made of beeswax.

Pelops won the race and killed Oenomaus, before throwing Myrtilus over a cliff – Myrtilus with his dying breath puts a curse on their offspring.

Antigone and Hippodamia both relate to the skeletons in our family closet, they shed light on secrets buried in the past that suddenly appear from nowhere.  Where these asteroids are in the chart is where the family scandals have been buried where they are most likely resurrected in future.


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