Full Moon in Virgo Separating the Wheat from the Chaff   Leave a comment


This Full moon in Virgo on March 16th is an early harvest moon, With transit Ceres conjunct the North Node in Libra, Demeter in Gemini trine Venus in Aquarius, Nordic Sif conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

With Mars and Ceres conjunct the North Node in Libra we are in the process of balancing our wants with our needs.  As the Node and Mars move towards Spica we are reminded of our basic need for wholesome food, creating the desire for a more balanced planet.  We have neglected the earth and so at this time we will reap the rewards of that neglect.  This is magnified by Demeter in Gemini trine Venus in Aquarius, urging us to speak out and change current attitudes. Sif’s golden locks may be harvested early this year by pluto, but they are the seeds of change sown in the reality of an earth out of balance.

Mars the planet of War on North Node with Ceres, also represents the situation in Ukraine (Bread basket of the tsars) with winter crops of Wheat already at risk from drought that are likely to be held back from supply by the current political crisis in the Crimea (main export route).  Ukraine is world’s third biggest Corn supplier and 6th biggest Wheat supplier leading to a Ceres vrs Oil and Gas (Russian) might Mars.  When we add the fact that Sif’s golden locks of cereal were shorn be Loki causing a shortage that could only be rectified by pillaging gold. We see Sif conjunct pluto representing the winter wheat damage caused by the Polar Vortex, as well as the situation in Ukraine, the increase in food banks caused by the financial banking Crisis (the pluto square Uranus on going situation).  Medusa who’s golden locks of wheat turned to poisonous mould after being pillaged and raped by Neptune (Water God), is in Taurus sextile the Healer Chiron in Neptune, with an estimated cost to insurers of up to £1billion after the flloding in England where large tracts of land in the South West, particularly along river basins and coastlines have been flooded. Farmers in the South West have been hit especially hard, and many hundreds of acres of crops have been devastated in Norfolk and Somerset.  When we see this it is no wonder Demeter and Venus are in trine calling for change, to address climate change and secure our future food supply.

Personally the full moon in Virgo will deliver exactly what we have been sowing, wherever our energies have been spent  there we will reap the rewards of our actions.  We are being asked to examine our lives and to see where our energies are being wasted and undervalued.  Time to reap our rewards and discard the useless to maximise our yield.

For those with personal planets at 26 degrees Pisces or Virgo you will have a strong urge to clear out the personal clutter at this time.  For those with personal planets between 26 degrees Libra to 0 degrees Scorpio you will feel the need to be part of active change and a realignment of the balance of life.


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