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They came from Fort William with murder in mind
The Campbell had orders King William had signed
“Put all to the sword”- these words underlined
“And leave none alive called MacDonald”
Oh, cruel was the snow that sweeps
Glen Coe
And covers the grave o’ Donald
Oh, cruel was the foe that raped
Glen Coe
And murdered the house of MacDonald


The Cruithne is an Irish Gaelic name for some of the ancient peoples of Scotland and Ireland, in Scotland it refers to the Picti.  Cruithne are the peoples who refused to come under Roman rule.  Picti is Greek for painted people, they were also known as the Caledonii – great hard/tough people or forest people, but referred to themselves as Uerturiones.

The Picti had many tribes and Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Fib, Fife is still referred to as the Kingdom of Fife, yet these tribes united together in the face of Roman invasion, to fight for there way of life.  Cruithne represents those that refuse to conform, those connected to ancient traditions and past.

Pictish art appears on stones, metalwork and small objects of stone and bone.  In fife the caves at East Wemyss contain many pictish art work.  The symbols and patterns consist of animals including the Pictish Beast, the “rectangle”, the “mirror and comb”, “double-disk and Z-rod” and the “crescent and V-rod,” among many others.

Cruithne has been incorrectly called “Earth’s second moon”. Cruithne does not orbit Earth and at times it is on the other side of the Sun. Its orbit takes it inside the orbit of Mercury and outside the orbit of Mars. Cruithne orbits the Sun in about 1 year but it takes 770 years for the series to complete a horseshoe-shaped movement around the Earth which is quasi- satellite orbit. 


The Cruithne have always followed their own path, fought against prevailing attitudes of the time and held strong to their traditions, their ancestry and their independence.  Cruithne promenant in the chart, is a connection to an ancient way of life, to be outside the mainstream, to battle for survival.


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