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Babies are born with a sense of awe and wonder at their bodies and the world around them as we get older familiarity reduces this sense of wonder yet each of us still retain a passion in our lives that fills this need for wonder through art, science, anthropology, astronomy, astrology, children or animals we find our own unique access. When we share our passions we inspire others generations that make leaps forward from our shoes, we bequeath our passion to the next generation. We share our spirituality not in some mythical quest for enlightenment but in our ability to really care passionately about the world around us. We share our joy and love because we want to share our awe and wonder with others. This is spirituality in its most honest expression. When we have a spiritual investment in the world that passion leads us to find solutions to the greatest problems we face; gross over population, war, famine, poverty, disease, ecocide, prejudice. Asteroid Spirit shows how your unique abilities and passions can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Panacea Society was founded by Mabel Baltrop whilst in an asylum in 1919, based on the ‘prophetess’ Joanna Southcott who died during ‘labour’ of what turned out to be a phantom pregnancy. Followers of Southcott believed she had given birth to a spiritual being called Shiloh the new Messiah and the day of Judgement would come in 2000. Baltrop believed she was Shiloh and took the name Octavia. The Panacea Society was quite popular mostly due to the aftermath of WWI. Both the followers of Joanna Southcott and Mabel Baltrop waited three days after their death, sure that they would come back to life. Panacea means ‘cure all’ and often when we face our most difficult times we seek a panacea to all our problems Mabel Baltrop had been nursing a sick husband until the strain became to much and she was admitted to an asylum in which she was residing when her husband died. Panacea shows where we can find real solutions to our problems and also where we are suseptable to easy answers


Posted February 25, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

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