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Save me from drowning in the sea
Beat me up on the beach

What a lovely holiday
There’s nothing funny left to say
This sombre song would drain the sun
But it won’t shine until it’s sung

No water running in the stream
The saddest place we’ve ever seen

Everything I touched was golden
Everything I loved got broken
On the road to Mandalay
Every mistake I’ve ever made
Has been rehashed and then replayed
As I got lost along the way

There’s nothing left for you to give
The truth is all that you’re left with
Twenty paces then at dawn
We will die and be reborn

I like to sleep beneath the trees
Have the universe at one with me
Look down the barrel of a gun
And feel the Moon replace the Sun

Everything we’ve ever stolen
Has been lost returned or broken
No more dragons left to slay
Every mistake I’ve ever made
Has been rehashed and then replayed
As I got lost along the way

Save me from drowning in the sea
Beat me up on the beach
What a lovely holiday
There’s nothing funny left to say

Road to Mandalay

There have always been religious people who did not conceive of the deity as the Lord or as the heavenly Father, but as the Great Mother or the Divine Lady. Not all female gods belong to this type…. Many times they may be counted in the category of the great Mother-Goddess. However, some of them are not only mothers, but at the same time virgins. Sometimes the virginal nature is even strongly or wholly predominant….

There is no danger of confounding the goddesses in question because all of them show individual features. Nevertheless they belong to the same category, i.e. that of the Divine Lady. She is an exalted goddess…Her nature is impenetrable. This is particularly manifest when she is called the Virgin-Mother. This term indicates the mystery of birth which she causes to take place. The heavenly Lord creates out of nothing. The Virgin-Mother brings forth without impregnation. Both occurrences are equally mysterious: the origin of the world and of life is a secret. The people of antiquity realized that woman is inscrutable by nature and virtually inaccessible.
Even when she has become mother she remains virgin in a certain sense..

For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin….
I am the barren one, and many are her sons….
I am the silence that is incomprehensible….
I am the utterance of my name.

The Mother goddess cult of Anahita is symbolically linked both in India and the middle East with the fish, The Great Fish into who’s mouth the water of Aquarius flows and the twin fish of Pisces. It is also linked to Virgo, with figurines holding corn, wheat or rice. With Anahita standing apon a Lion we have two oppositions representing her, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces, Virgo.  This Goddess is the Virgin and the mother, the moist one purifier of all, wisdom and fertility.  Anahita in the chart symbolises how we connect to the divine feminine within us all.  Anahita gives birth to Mithra the solar deity deep from within the cavern of earth in a yearly cycle. She rules fertility the cycle of birth and death.

All things have an opposite birth, death, night and day. The polarities are set like the transit cycles within our natal chart. What is not set in our chart is the waters of Anahita the space between Yin and Yang, our birth and death may be set but between these two outcomes lies us our choices and decisions. Transit Saturn will square our Sun before it trines it, these points are set however our actions between these two points are not, the road we take between these points is our choice.

Anahita in the chart shows where we gain this awareness of natural cycles of our part in the cycle of life and our ability to choose the path we walk. Our ability to be reborn through out the cycle of life.


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